Reaping the rewards of renewable resources in Canberra

There are many ways to modernise your home – and potentially add value to it. Renewable energy sources are one way you might be able to do this. Feed-in tariffs and reduced reliance on the grid in peak hours are just some of the ways that sources like solar can be beneficial.

And according to a new release from the ACT Government, Canberra is actually leading the way when it comes to these energy sources.

Shining bright on the local scene

Simon Corbell, minister for the environment said in an 8 September media release that Canberra is on track to meet its 100 per cent renewable targets by 2020 – and we’re all reaping the benefits.

He notes that a new report “states ACT households pay the lowest electricity prices in the nation and [are] projected to remain low when we reach 100 per cent renewable electricity”.

It appears to be boosting jobs and innovation, furthering benefits for our part of the country.

While we aren’t the experts on solar energy, we are the experts on the real estate market around our city. Whether sustainable energy in a home is your focus or not, feel free to get in touch with the team at Civium for your property-related inquiries.

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