Civium Communities is excited to issue this proposal for the Atria Development

Agency Agreement

Agency Agreement

Developer Details
Name of DeveloperEyre Kingston Pty Ltd ”(the Developer”)
ACN or ABN?????
Office AddressLevel 3, 64 Allara Street, Canberra, ACT 2601
Address for Service (if different)As above
Telephone02 6230 0800
Contact Person & Position??? – Project Director
Agent Details
Name of Agent Civium (National) Pty Ltd ”(the Agent”)
Business Name (if different):As above
ACN or ABN:ACN:634 838 378 ABN:47 634 838 378
Office Address:17/23 Townshend St, Phillip ACT 2606
Address for Service (if different):As above
Telephone:02 6162 0681
Fax:02 6162 0682
Contact Person & Position (if any):Jarrod Smith
Particulars of Property
Item 1Address of Property???
Item 2Current Property Folio ID No./No.s???
Item 3Proposed Plan No
(if known)
Item 4Type of scheme:
(i.e. commercial, residential, industrial, mixed use)
Item 5Proposed no. of lots in scheme???
Item 6Expected registration date of strata plan/community association???
Item 7Expected settlement date of any off the plan contracts for sale of land:
(e.g. 42 days after registration of strata plan)
Commencement Date
Item 8Commencement Date
Services & Fees
Item 9Services Fee$??? plus GST
Item 10Services Fee Payment MethodInvoiced as per service or as agreed
Item 11Additional Services Fee - Meeting AttendanceTo be charged in hourly increments
Item 12Professional Indemnity InsuranceAmount insured $???

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