Civium Communities is excited to issue this proposal for the 82 Wentworth Avenue development

Agency Agreement

Agency Agreement / Dowse

Developer Details
Name of DeveloperDowse Projects”(the Developer”)
Office Address4/1 Torrens St, Braddon ACT 2612
Address for Service (if different)As above
Telephone(02) 6162 0185
Contact Person & PositionDowse Project Director
Agent Details
Name of Agent Civium (National) Pty Ltd ”(the Agent”)
Business Name (if different):As above
ACN or ABN:ACN:634 838 378 ABN:47 634 838 378
Office Address:17/23 Townshend St, Phillip ACT 2606
Address for Service (if different):As above
Telephone:02 6162 0681
Fax:02 6162 0682
Contact Person & Position (if any):Jarrod Smith
Particulars of Property
Item 1Address of Property82 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston ACT
Item 2Current Property Folio ID No./No.s-
Item 3Proposed Plan No
(if known)
Item 4Type of scheme:
(i.e. commercial, residential, industrial, mixed use)
Item 5Proposed no. of lots in scheme134
Item 6Expected registration date of strata plan/community association-
Item 7Expected settlement date of any off the plan contracts for sale of land:
(e.g. 42 days after registration of strata plan)
Commencement Date
Item 8Commencement Date
Services & Fees
Item 9Services Fee$300 plus GST
Item 10Services Fee Payment MethodInvoiced as per service or as agreed
Item 11Additional Services Fee - Meeting AttendanceTo be charged in hourly increments
Item 12Professional Indemnity Insurance-

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