Civium Communities is excited to issue this proposal for the 82 Wentworth Avenue development

Sechedule A: Services

The following services are all Core Services performed on behalf of, and in the name of, the Developer. They are included as part of the Services Fee at item 4 of the Agreement unless indicated otherwise below.

Preparing strata roll or association roll (whichever is applicable)
Prepare a draft administrative fund and capital works/sinking fund estimates
ABN registration for Scheme
GST registration (as required) for the Scheme
Keeping documents and maintaining records relating to the Scheme (for example the certificate of title, strata roll and meeting notices) which may be in paper or electronic form
Prepare notices/agendas for the first General Meeting
Prepare notices for a strata/executive committee meetings
Maintain correspondence records
Keeping a consolidated list of by-laws as registered for the scheme
Obtain and retain the common seal
Obtain service and management contracts
Prepare documents for the Developer acting as Secretary for the Scheme
Issue certificates under section 184 of the Act or s26 of the CLM Act (whichever is applicable)
Preparing and distributing notices of meeting
Providing address labels & printing Annual General Meeting notices
Obtaining insurance confirmation letter from Developer
Arranging insurance quotations (if required)
Arranging insurance (no commission)
Attending to general inquiries from the prospective lot owners or their agents about certificates under s184 of the Act and s26 of the CLM Act (whichever is applicable)
Obtaining handover documents from Developer in accordance with s16 of the Act
(note documents are not required to be handed over until 48 hours before the first AGM)


Schedule B: Services

The following services are Additional Services which may be performed on behalf of, and in the name of, the Developer. They are NOT part of the annual Services Fee and are subject to the additional charges listed below:

Meeting preparation (for meetings other than the first general meeting)Refer to hourly rates
Arranging facilities for general meetingsAt facilities cost
Preparing a new lot owner orientation package$150 per package
Providing title or other searches of LRS records At cost
PostageAt cost
Courier At cost
Other services requested by the Developer that are not listed but can be undertaken by the AgentRefer to hourly rates

Hourly rates are as follows

PositionHourly rate excl GST (9am and 6pm)
Administrative Staff $80.00
Strata Manager$125.00
Senior Strata Manager$215.00
Principal/Director/General Manager$295.00

Office hours mean from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

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