How to Register for C-Hub


Registering for C-Hub is a simple, user-friendly process.

Once Civium has received an owner’s official contact information, you will receive a link from our Client Services team allowing you to begin registration with C-Hub. After selecting this link, you will be taken to a new page where you are then able to create your own password and officially log in to the portal.

Please note that Civium does not hold any records of clients C-Hub passwords. If you do forget your password, please select “I forgot my login” to reset your own password.

Once you have completed your C-Hub registration and have logged in for the first time, you will be directed to a virtual tour of the portal to teach you all of the basic functions of C-Hub.

Committee Discussions


C-Hub offers a Committee Discussions page that works similarly to a social media page, giving owners the ability to post any casual questions or topics for the input of owners. This allows all committee members to raise discussions with the input of their strata manager.

This section is only visible to the Executive Committee and the Strata Manager.

Committee Reports


The Committee Reports page outlines the particulars of the building, such as the total UOE, if the building is registered for GST, and the building class. 

Committee members also have visibility over the current budget, actuals, variances, and previous actuals.

Committee Reports – Owner Positions


Committee members have access to the current financial positions of other owners within the complex. This section can only be accessed by committee members.



Invoice Approvals


Invoice Approvals are only accessible to members of the Owners Corporation that are set up as External Approvers. This page allows External Approvers to approve any pending invoices within their queue. They can also approve invoices that have been placed on hold, previously approved or rejected as well as invoices they’ve on charged to an owner’s account.

Please note: C-Hub has a moderation policy to outline what owners are allowed to do within the portal. If owners are being inappropriate or breaking this policy, their portal access can be removed.

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