Discover a new level of convenience and efficiency with C-Hub, Civium’s online resident’s portal. C-Hub has been crafted by Civium and designed specifically to offer fast, online solutions for all of your strata needs.

How to Register for C-Hub


Registering for C-Hub is a simple, user-friendly process.

Once Civium has received an owner’s official contact information, you will receive a link from our Client Services team allowing you to begin registration with C-Hub. After selecting this link, you will be taken to a new page where you are then able to create your own password and officially log in to the portal.

Please note that Civium does not hold any records of clients C-Hub passwords. If you do forget your password, please select “I forgot my login” to reset your own password.

Once you have completed your C-Hub registration and have logged in for the first time, you will be directed to a virtual tour of the portal to teach you all of the basic functions of C-Hub.

Notice Board


C-Hub includes a notice board that is available to all registered owners, residents, and managing agents. This function will typically be used by your Civium team as a quick communication tool when needing to pass along important information regarding your complex, such as a power outage or any sudden maintenance issues. Email notifications are also sent out when something is posted to the Notice Board.

Community Discussions


C-Hub offers a Community Discussion page that works similarly to a social media page, giving owners the ability to post any casual questions or topics for the input of owners. Not only do owners have access to this function of C-Hub, but your Civium team is also able to view and participate in any conversations.



This section of C-Hub gives owners direct access to any documents uploaded to the portal by the Civium team. These documents typically include invoices, agendas, meeting minutes, correspondence, certificates, and plans. This page provides owners with information on the date the document was uploaded as well as the document type, name, and description.

These documents can also be downloaded via PDF.

Update my Details


This function of the portal allows owners to make amendments and update their contact details. For an owner to update any details, they will need to provide their DEFT reference number as proof of identity before they are allowed access to make any changes.

How to Pay  a Levy


Owners can make payments for their levies via the My Accounts section of C-Hub. Once navigating to My Accounts, owners are able to select “Make a Payment”, which will provide direct access to the deft payment system.

The My Accounts page also outlines any outstanding payments, as well as copies of annual statements, levy notices, and receipts.

Work Orders


The Work Orders page within C-Hub allows owners to receive quick, easily accessible updates on all property maintenance as well as access to all work order history for their property.

This page is easy to navigate and provides owners with the ability to filter through work orders to see what work has been completed, pending, or cancelled, as well as the ability to sort through supplier types if you are looking for specific work that has been done.

Please note: C-Hub has a moderation policy to outline what owners are allowed to do within the portal. If owners are being inappropriate or breaking this policy, their portal access can be removed.

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