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Whether you’re an owner, tenant, or short-term rental guest, this page serves as a comprehensive guide,
offering essential information about the building, its rules, and amenities.

The Capitol Residences welcomes Airbnb guests, but it’s important to note that you must adhere to the building’s rules.
If any problems arise during your stay, please reach out to your host for assistance.

Civium Contact Details
The Capitol is under the management of Civium, overseeing strata management, building management, and concierge services since the building's registration.



Email: capitol@civium.com.au
Phone: 0478 179 678
Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
(Monday to Friday)
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Civium Online Portal (C-Hub) 

C-Hub is an online platform for Owners (and non-owners, including tenants and property managers) to submit requests to the Strata Manager, report repairs & maintenance, access strata and building records, facilitate community discussions, and allow Owners to view their levy account. Civium also uses C-Hub to post notices to provide residents with important updates on building matters.

If you are not registered to C-Hub and are an owner or tenant, please email monique.bosma@civium.com.au


After Hours Emergencies

If there is an urgent common property issue after regular business hours, please contact Civium’s after-hours service at 1300 724 256. Please reserve calls to the after-hours service for situations that require immediate attention and cannot wait until the next business day.

Fire Evacuation 

In the event of a fire alarm, it is imperative to promptly evacuate the building for your safety. Exit the building using the designated fire stairs, as lifts should not be used during a fire alarm. 

Once outside, proceed to the evacuation point situated behind the building on Hobart Place. It is essential to follow these evacuation procedures calmly and swiftly, cooperating with building management and emergency personnel as needed. 

Security Cameras 

The Capitol has CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of both residents and the building. 

CCTV Policy:

1. Retrieval of CCTV Footage 

(a) CCTV footage will only be viewed upon a request, either by the police or as approved by the Executive Committee. 

(b) All requests related to CCTV footage must be made in writing to the Strata Managing Agent, to obtain authorisation from the Executive Committee to release the CCTV footage. 

(c) Formal requests related to CCTV footage must include the following information in writing: name of person making the report; brief description of the incident or allegation; location of the incident; time and date of the incident. 

2. Viewing CCTV Footage 

(a) Two people are required to view any footage after a written request has been made and approved by the Executive Committee. This may be two Committee members, two employees from the Strata Managing Agent’s organisation, or one Committee member and one person from the Strata Managing Agent’s organisation.

3. Costs 

Where the review of footage takes more than 2 hours by authorised Civium staff, an hourly rate charge may be required from the person making the request. 

CCTV Request:

Any request to view CCTV footage must be made by completing the ‘CCTV Request Form’ available here. This ensures a formal and documented process for accessing CCTV footage in compliance with the CCTV Policy.


In the interest of peace and safety for all residents, The Capitol has established a set of Rules that must be adhered to by both residents and their visitors. 

You can review the detailed set of rules here

Failure to comply with these Rules may result in additional measures being taken, such as a Rule Infringement Notice, which incurs a $99 fee. It is important for everyone to be aware of and abide by these Rules to ensure a harmonious living environment within the community.


Registration of all pets with Civium is mandatory within 14 days of being in the unit. The Pet Registration Form is accessible here.

In adherence to the Rules, please be aware of the following:

  • Leash Requirement:
    • While on common property, all pets must be securely leashed at all times. This measure is implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of both residents and their pets.
  • Clean-Up Responsibility:
    • Pet owners are obligated to promptly clean any areas of the property soiled by their animals. This practice is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene throughout the premises.
  • Nuisance and Health Risk Prevention:
    • Pet owners are expected to take all reasonable measures to prevent their animals from causing a nuisance or posing any risk to the health and safety of others. This includes addressing noise concerns or behaviors that may disturb fellow residents.

Rubbish Disposal 

Please ensure that all waste is properly disposed of by placing it in a securely tied bag through the waste chutes. The waste chutes are designated for standard waste and are not to be used for disposing of bulky items. For the disposal of larger items fitting for the bins, please contact the Concierge, who can grant access to the waste room if the item is suitable for communal bins.

Residents are responsible for appropriately disposing of large items such as furniture and electronics, which can be done by visiting depots such as Mugga Lane Resource Centre.

Please do not leave any rubbish on the floor within the waste chute rooms or in the common area hallway outside your unit door. 

A reminder that costs will be on-charged to your unit if found to have dumped items on common property, or inappropriately using the bins. 

Mail Management

The concierge efficiently receives and stores all deliveries to the building, ensuring that packages are safely stored and available for pickup at your convenience.

Please be aware that there could be instances when the concierge desk is temporarily unattended as the concierge may be addressing building-related matters. We advise residents to make note for couriers to not leave any packages when the concierge is unattended.

Keys & Fobs

The concierge is responsible for programming fobs and providing keys to authorised individuals. 

If you require additional keys please submit the Key Request form found here to the concierge. 

Please report any lost or stolen keys to the concierge immediately.

Move-In & Out Bookings

For smooth transitions in and out of The Capitol, please coordinate with the concierge. Booking with the concierge ensures the installation of lift blankets to protect the lift and provides a lift key for removalists’ use.

A gentle reminder: Any damage caused to the lifts or common property during a move is the resident’s responsibility, and associated costs must be covered by the resident.

Please ensure your removalist uses the building’s back door when moving in and out of The Capitol. Removalists are not to use the foyer for moving furniture.

Gym & Sauna 

The Capitol provides residents with access to a gym and sauna situated on the first floor, available for 24-hour use. 

It is crucial for all residents to uphold cleanliness and hygiene standards within the gym and sauna. Please ensure that all exercise equipment is thoroughly cleaned using the provided wet wipes after each use.

Storage Cages

Residents must ensure that no flammable chemicals, liquids, gases, explosives, corrosive agents, or toxic substances are stored in the storage cages. Residents are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of storage cages, ensuring they are free of rubbish and vermin at all times. 

Storing items on top of storage cages is strictly prohibited.

Owners are advised against storing items of high sentimental or monetary value within the storage cages. While we hope this to not occur, it’s worth considering that the basement may be susceptible to flooding or theft. Similar to items stored within apartments, any possessions stored in the storage cages are the responsibility of the respective resident. The Owners Corporation does not assume liability for any damage.

It is recommended to insure any items stored within the cages under your contents insurance policy. 

Renovations to Your Unit

For any renovations within a unit that involves erecting or altering any structure, unit owners are required to seek approval from the Executive Committee.

To initiate the approval process, please fill out the Erections & Alterations Form, accessible here, and submit it to the Strata Manager. The Strata Manager will then coordinate with the Committee for their review and approval. 

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