C-Hub Registration


Registering for C-Hub is a simple, user-friendly process.

Once settlement has occurred and Civium has received an Owners official contact information from their purchasing solicitor, you will receive a link from our Client Services team allowing you to begin registration with C-Hub. After selecting this link you will be taken to a new page where you are then able to create your own password and officially log in to the portal.

*Please note that Civium does not hold any records of clients C-Hub passwords. If you do forget your password please select “I forgot my login” to reset your own password. 

Once you have completed your C-Hub registration and have logged in for the first time, you will be directed to a virtual tour of the portal to teach you all of the basic functions of C-Hub.

If you are a current Civium client who does not currently have access to C-Hub, please get in touch with your strata manager who will be able to provide you with the link to begin registration.


Getting Familiar With C-Hub
Basic Portal Functions

Community Discussions and Noticeboard

Located on the C-Hub homepage, Community Discussions allows owners to post questions or discussion points for the entire owners corporation to comment on or view. Your Strata Manager can also view and participate in these conversations and provide a technical opinion whenever required.

This function also includes a Notice Board, visible to everyone (owners, tenants and managing agents). This Notice Board will typically be used by your Civium team as a quick communication tool when needing to pass along important information regarding the property, such as a known power outage or sudden maintenance issue. When posts are placed on the Notice Board, all owners and tenants are sent an email notification.

Make a Request

The Make a Request function in C-Hub provides a fast and efficient communication tool for your strata teams.

Being easily accessible within the top navigation bar of C-Hub, this function allows you to make requests regarding any aspect of your property. You also have the choice to provide additional free text or attachments to support or explain your request. This option speeds up your response time by sending the requests directly to the appropriate department within Civium.

My Accounts

The “My Accounts” section of C-Hub provides owners with all the information they need regarding their financial accounts. The information available outlines all outstanding payments, annual statements, levy notices and receipts. You also have the option to request ledgers required for tax purposes.

Levy payments can also be made through this section of C-Hub by providing you direct access to the DEFT payment system.

Additionally, Executive Committee members can view all the information associated with the building financials. This financial information is live and directly linked to the strata systems our staff operate within daily.

Update my Details

This function of the portal allows any owners to make amendments and update their contact details. For an owner to update any details they will need to provide their DEFT reference number as proof of identity before they are allowed access to make any changes.

Strata Team

“My Strata Team” allows messages to be sent directly to your Civium team. This includes your Strata Manager, Levies Manager, Accounts Manager, Insurance Manager and Maintenance Manager assigned to the building. You also have the option to attached any relevant photos or documents to these messages.


The Library section of the C-Hub allows direct access to any documents uploaded by the Civium team to the portal. These documents typically include Invoices, Agendas, Minutes, Correspondence, certificates and plans.  This page provides owners with information on the date the document was uploaded as well as the document type ,name and description. These documents are all viewable and able to be downloaded via PDF.


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