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Find out why Civium is the Strata industry benchmark

Why Civium Strata Management?

The Civium Difference

It’s simple – we exist to empower our clients to make the right decision on behalf of their communities.

Using our bespoke network of systems, dashboards and portals, we are able to identify and develop innovative solutions that empower our clients, giving them a seamless experience and connection to their strata community.

We will set you up with a team of experts who act as your personal advisors, transitioning your experience as part of an Owner’s Corporation from one of burden, to one of pride.

Why Civium Communities?


It is innovation to make your life easier. We understand that you want a result. That is why we set our staff and our systems up with the sole purpose of getting you that result.


You will be working with an expert in every field. Whether it be Insurance, Accounts or Maintenance, you will have the support of an industry professional who knows how to get the most out of your investment.


It is at the core of the Civium brand. Our role is to enhance your community so you can maximise the enjoyment of living in it.

Enhancing your Community


An expert in every field working for you


A portal that empowers you to make decisions and take action


Identifying opportunities for saving within every aspect of your Strata Management


Working together with open lines of communication so you are empowered with the information you need

Your Team



The Community Manager is your second in charge. From arranging and organising your Annual General Meetings to dealing with community issues such as noise complaints and pet requests, your Community Manager takes care of it all.


Ability to deliver savings

We take a proactive approach to your financial management, including looking for ways we can save the Owners’ Corporation money. Our size means we have a proven track record of delivering savings to our clients across a range of essential services such as electricity, water consumption, cleaning, lift and plant maintenance.


Best Coverage for the Best Price

We work with one of Australia's largest property insurance brokers which allows us to go to the broadest range of insurers and get you the best coverage at the best price. Rather than carrying out your own research, this allows you to focus on which quote and coverage are best going to suit your community. We will be there to offer advice when and if you need it.


Maintain the health of your building

We will ensure that your building has a structured plan for maintenance and improvements, achieved through a balance of proactive capital works and maintenance, and prompt repairs when required.

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Whether you are establishing a new community or looking to upgrade the service you are currently receiving, we would love the opportunity to show you how we can enhance your community.

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