5 C-Hub Hacks


You can do more than you think you can…online.

Introducing C-Hub! C-Hub is Civium’s Online Owners Portal which has been developed in consultation with our clients to offer fast online solutions for all your strata needs.

We have put together five of the ways C-Hub can support you below:

Community Discussions and Notice Board

You can post a notice that everyone in your community can read

Owners can post questions or discussion points for the entire owners corporation to comment on or view. Your Strata Manager can also view and participate in these conversations and provide a technical opinion whenever required.

This page also includes a Notice Board, visible to everyone (owners, tenants and managing agents). This Notice Board will typically be used by your Civium team as a quick communication tool when needing to pass along important information regarding the property, such as a known power outage or sudden maintenance issue. When posts are placed on the Notice Board, all owners and tenants are sent an email notification.

My Accounts

You can download your levy statements or owner ledger

The My Accounts section of C-Hub provides you with all the information you need regarding your account. The information accessible on this page outlines all outstanding payments, annual statements, levy notices and receipts, but you also have the option to request your owner ledger for tax purposes. These requests get sent directly to your finance manager.

Additionally, Executive Committee members can view all the information associated with the building financials. This financial information is live and directly linked to the strata systems our staff operate within daily.

Make a Request

Speed up your response time by using the Make a Request feature

The Make a Request function in C-Hub provides a fast and efficient communication tool for your strata teams.

Being easily accessible within the top navigation bar of C-Hub, Make a Request allows you to make requests regarding any aspect of your property. Additionally, you can provide additional free text or attachments to support or explain your request. This option speeds up your response time by sending the requests directly to the appropriate department within Civium.

Electronic Voting

Pass a motion to use the electronic voting feature on C-Hub

C-Hub allows you to use electronic voting for special or annual general meetings. Electronic voting allows for documents to be attached and expiry dates, so all owners know when they must submit their vote.

It is important to note that a motion must be passed at an AGM before an owners corporation can use this C-Hub function.

Work Order Updates

Keep track of all maintenance tasks at your property

Building and property maintenance is one of the most critical services for an Owners Corporation. The Work Orders page within C-Hub provides owners with all the information on past and current maintenance at the property. This page allows you to receive quick, easily accessible updates on all property maintenance and access to filter through all work order history for your property.

Updates are also beneficial for investors to keep up to date with all maintenance occurring at your property, assuring you that your investment is maintained professionally. This page allows you to filter through each selection to see what works are completed, pending or cancelled. You can also sort through supplier types if you are looking for specific work that has been completed.

If you are a current Civium client who doesn’t yet have access to the benefits of C-Hub, get in touch with your Strata Manager to get registered today!



* Disclaimer: the capability and functionality of the chub portal differs state to state. Please liaise with your strata manager to determine what functionality will work best for your scheme.

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