Strata Management - Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining the health of your building

Urgent Repairs and Maintenance

Is this currently happening to your building?

/ Fire (Call 000 and then report it to your Strata Manager)

/ Water leaking from the ceiling

/ Ceiling collapse

/ Electrical wiring exposed

/ Impact damage from an external force

/ Glass breakage

/ Common areas – gas leakage or light outages

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How we look after your Building

Maintaining the health of your building

We will ensure the lifecycle of your building is prolonged and ages as best as possible. Achieved through a balance of proactive works and prompt repairs and maintenance when required.


How we will assist you:

/ 24/7 Service

/ Organise contractors for the urgent repairs and maintenance that occur within your building

/ Work with you on setting up a regular pattern of maintenance where required. Examples of this would be the organisation of monthly gardening or cleaning to common property areas.

/ Ensure you get the best quote possible – sourced from our comprehensive network of Corporate Partners

/ Certainty with compliance – as per regulations

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