Repairs and Maintenance
How we Look After Your Building

Maintaining the health of your building

We understand the importance of property repairs and maintenance and will work to ensure the lifecycle of your building is prolonged and ages as best as possible. We will ensure that your building has a structured plan for maintenance and improvements, achieved through a balance of proactive capital works and maintenance, and prompt repairs when required.

We will assist your building through:

  • Organising contractors for repairs and maintenance
  • Assist in setting up regular contractors e.g. cleaners and gardeners
  • Ensure you get the best quote possible
  • Ensure all trades people are compliant
  • 24/7 Service

Urgent Repairs and Maintenance

For emergency strata repairs and maintenance, please get in touch with your Strata Manager or Building Manager as soon as possible.


For serious emergencies that require police, fire, or ambulance services, please call 000.

Submitting a maintenance request

Our online portal (C-Hub) allows owners to efficiently lodge their own maintenance requests via the “Make a Request” drop down bar. ‘Make a Request’ allows you to easily submit maintenance requests for your property with the option to add any images or documents to support your submission. Submitting your maintenance requests via C-Hub speeds up your response time by sending the request directly to the maintenance department.

Alternatively, if you are not registered with C-Hub you have the option to submit maintenance requests directly to our maintenance team.


Strata Team

Julian Ortner-Kemp

General Manager | ACT
  • (02) 6162 0681

Trudi Clark

General Manager | VIC

Jessica Thoroughgood

General Manager | NSW

Elizabeth Juric

General Manager | QLD

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