A Guide to Electronic Voting


The strata industry is continuing to become increasingly modernised with a demand for simpler and more efficient processes and systems. Electronic voting is becoming an essential capability for strata management companies as a way to provide owners with a convenient alternative to in-person voting and eliminates the inconvenience of physical meeting attendance.

Why Use Electronic Voting?

Reaching a Quorum and encouraging meeting attendance is crucial in running an active strata scheme. Electronic voting is an inclusive and flexible solution for meeting requirements and also allows those owners living interstate or overseas to participate without having to nominate a proxy vote.  Additionally, those living in Australia’s CBDs of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are able to attend meetings without the requirement of battling peak hour traffic.

Electronic voting also provides an accurate voting environment, allowing digital records of a building’s voting history to be saved in one space for strata managers and Executive Committees.

How Civium Supports Electronic Voting

C-Hub, Civium’s online resident’s portal, was developed with the technology to facilitate electronic voting for Special or General Meetings. 

Our electronic voting allows for any relevant documents to be attached to the voting correspondence as well as the option to add an expiry date so all owners are aware about the timeframe in which their vote must be submitted.

C-Hub also gives strata managers the option to send a vote out to all owners or just executive committee members, allowing this function to be utilised in any matters that require a decision from an executive committee.

All electronic voting records will also automatically be saved to C-Hub, allowing your strata manager access to all voting history for your building.

State Based legislation


While Civium has the technologies required to facilitate electronic voting, it is important that strata schemes follow any legislative requirements in place in regards to meetings and voting.

Civium provides strata management services in Canberra, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Below are links to each state’s individual regulations in regards to the use of electronic voting.


New South Wales









For more information on electronic voting, please get in touch with your strata manager.

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