Strata Hub is an online digital platform created by the New South Wales Government to provide improved:

  • Transparency, 
  • Accountability, 
  • Regulation; and,
  • Engagement

It is for all Owners and Residents of strata schemes in NSW. Annual reporting will be mandatory and from July, schemes will be able to register online through the Strata Hub portal. 

What is Strata Hub?

Strata Hub will be used to ensure that the 83,000 strata schemes in NSW are correctly managed by allowing key information to be accessible and transparent. Strata Hub uses the information reported by schemes along with digital tools to facilitate intervention and support while allowing communication from emergency services, councils and regulators. Strata Hub requires annual reporting from every scheme with a fee of $3 per lot.

How often does Strata Hub need to be updated:

In 2022, all schemes that have held at least one AGM (Annual General Meeting) will need to complete their first Strata Hub report by the end of the year and from 2023 onwards reporting will be required to be done within three months of the AGM.

What needs to be reported and how?

Strata schemes will have access to an online portal where the nominated person (secretary, chairperson or strata manager) will be able to do their annual reporting. Information that will need to be provided includes:

  • Strata plan number, address, registration date and the number of lots in the scheme.
  • Information from the strata roll including the contact information for the chairperson, secretary, strata manager and building manager (if applicable).
  • Information and financial documents from the latest AGM including: last AGM date, date annual fire safety statement issues, current insured replacement value of building, reported balance of capital works fund from the last financial statements at AGM.
  • Details from the owners corporation records including: Date of issue for interim or final occupation certificate, If there is a strata renewal committee the date it is established, number of lots used for the following purposes; residential, retirement village, commercial, utility lot and other purposes, Number of storeys (in multi-level residential apartment buildings).
  • A corporate license number will also need to be provided by your strata manager.


Strata Hub Privacy

The NSW Government has ensured all information within the portal is protected by strict privacy and security measures. This includes the need for all user logins to be verified through proof of identity. Owner contact details are also restricted and will only be available to the chairperson, secretary, strata manager and building manager.

The information held within the Strata Hub will have different access levels with certain information only being available for a restricted audience.
Basic information that will become available to the public via the Strata Search includes:

  • Date of last AGM.
  • Number of above ground storeys (for apartment buildings).
  • Usage e.g. residential or commercial.
  • If the scheme is part of a larger community or precinct scheme.
  • A map showing where the scheme is located.

As an owner you will need to be part of the strata scheme and register to have access to the strata porta. Information available to those registered within the scheme include:

  • Email address for both the secretary and chairperson.
  • Contact details for the strata manager and building manager (if applicable).
  • The date of issue for the last annual fire safety statement (also visible to Fire and Rescue as well as local councils).
  • Whether the strata scheme has established a strata renewal committee and if so the date it was formed.

Any other information you are required to report will only be accessible to Fair Trading or other government agencies if required

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