3 ways to cut your cooling costs this summer

As summer approaches, it’s important to think about how you’ll manage your cooling costs. Here are three ways to save while staying comfortable.

Summer is rapidly approaching and many Canberrans are looking forward to sun-filled days and warmer weather. What we’re not looking forward to, however, is seeing the electricity bill skyrocket due to cooling costs.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimise your spend without overheating. Here are three:

1. Considering replacing the old portable air conditioning unit, if you own one – This one might surprise you as it sounds like quite a substantial expense. Replacing an old model with a new, energy efficient one, however, can equate to major savings over the course of a summer.

Even if you can’t fully replace your unit, make sure to clean or change the filters each month. Dirty filters slow airflow, which means you need to spend more on energy costs.

2. Run a fan throughout the day – Fans use much less energy than air conditioning, so run one throughout the day to maintain a cool temperature and avoid emergency cold blasts when you get home from work.

3. Close your blinds or curtains: Believe it or not, even thin materials over your windows can be incredibly insulating. During the winter, curtains and blinds can be very effective keeping your heating in. When it’s summertime, curtains and blinds will retain cooled air and block the sun as well.

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