How to make space for your hobbies without a spare room

In small homes, it can be tricky to fit all the essential items in, let alone make space for your interests. Here are some tips for ensuring your hobbies always move with you.

1) Stay organised

If your hobby creates a mess and overflows into other spaces, it won’t work. Think about what sort of storage you need in order to keep everything in order. Crafty hobbies benefit from drawers and folders, while tech-based hobbies might require bigger boxes or tubs.

For items like stationery, store vertically – in wall-mounted desk tidies or hanging pocket organisers.

2) Pick a space to work in

Designating an area for your hobby means there’s always space for you to do it, rather than trying to get all your tools out in amongst the rest of your belongings. It’s also important that it’s easy to keep the area clean and tidy, so do it somewhere you can easily vacuum or sweep afterwards. A wipe-clean tablecloth is a good idea too.

3) Stick to one project at a time

If you’re one of those people who enjoys having lots of projects on the go, you may need to scale back. Finish one item before the next so you can store it easily and don’t have too many supplies to keep tidy.

Whatever your hobby, with these tips you’ll find a space for it in your home.

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