Why Should You Choose Civium for Residential Property Management?

Why should you choose Civium? The answer to this question lies in the way we achieve our client’s property investment goals.

We recently conducted a customer service survey with our landlords to better understand what they find most important in a service provider of residential property management in Canberra.

Our landlords informed us that they want their property managers to:

  1. Show them transparency in our property management process.
  2. Ensure confidence in their income.
  3. Show them how they can reduce the chance of a vacant property.
  4. Show them how they can reduce personal confrontation and communication with their tenants, and
  5. If they will miss out on any income or investment opportunities due to managing the property themselves.

In a 16 part series, our Residential Property Manager, Danielle Gavin, responds to the questions raised in the survey and discusses legislation changes in the ACT. You will also hear Danielle touch on topics such as ACT property management changes, considerations for landlords, and best management practices throughout COVID.

Watch our videos to learn more or get in touch with us today – we are offering six months free of Residental Property Management Fees for any new properties signed before February 1st 2021.

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