Solar for Apartments

Solar Roof Panels

In a progressive move towards sustainable energy, strata complexes in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have been granted a unique opportunity to participate in the Solar for Apartments Program.

This initiative allows eligible strata buildings to apply for a $100,000 solar grant and a zero-interest loan aimed at facilitating the installation of solar panels. The support offered stretches beyond just the installation process, extending to potential roof updates to ensure they can bear the load of the solar panels.

To qualify for the program, strata complexes need to meet specific criteria:

  • They must be classified as an A Class complex.
  • The average unimproved value across the units should be less than $300,000 in any year from 2022. (The unimproved value refers to the land value without any structural improvements.)
  • The building should be a completed development at the time of application.
  • Rooftop solar should not already be in place.
  • All residents must reap the benefits of the solar installation.
  • The Owners Corporation (OC) must meet Brighte’s requirements concerning loan repayments.

For strata complexes interested in participating:

Before jumping into registration, it is crucial for complexes to evaluate their full capacity. This involves assessing the power supply to the site, the roof’s load capacity, and, notably, the roof’s footprint. With the ACT aiming for full electrification of buildings by 2045, space for electrical infrastructure might become necessary, especially in units currently reliant on gas.

Another pivotal requirement is ensuring that all residents benefit directly from the solar installation. This entails the solar benefits feeding into each unit to benefit the tenants. As of now, the standout product known for this purpose is Allume, which channels solar benefits directly to individual units.

This initiative not only aligns with the global push towards sustainable energy but also offers strata complexes a chance to reduce their carbon footprint while potentially cutting down on electricity costs. Moreover, it promotes a collective effort toward a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

The Solar for Apartments Program in the ACT opens doors for strata complexes to harness solar energy, fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly living environment for all residents.

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