Tenant Welcome Pack

Welcome to Civium Property Group

Congratulations on securing your new home. On behalf of the Civium Property Management team, we look forward to being of service to you during your tenancy.


One of our primary goals as Property Managers’ is to retain long lasting tenants for our landlords. We value our tenants and ensure that any issues or concerns are resolved and we will do whatever we can to assist you to settle into your new home.


In order to assist with the smooth transition into your rental property, we have compiled a Tenant Welcome Pack. This pack includes a moving-in checklist, handy tenant information sheet, emergency repairs contact numbers, recycling and garbage collection calendar and important asbestos advice.


Should you have any questions or concerns now or throughout the tenancy, please do not hesitate to contact our team via phone or email and we will only be too happy to assist.


Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to meet your rental needs.


Kind Regards,

Team Civium Property Management

Moving-In Checklist

Moving home an be an exciting time but may take planning and management so as to minimise stress. Below is a helpful checklist to assist you with the move an ensure that the process goes smoothly.

  • Plan your moving transportation (truck, rental, hiring movers, friends)
  • Design and pre-plan your space. Try to establish the exact purpose of every room; this will enable you to pack boxes accordingly – you can use the floor plan to sketch.
  • Research storage facilities if needed
  • Hold a garage sale, donate, sell or throw out unnecessary items
  • Acquire packing supplies
    • Boxes
    • Labels
    • Tape / Tape Gun
    • Markers
    • Newspapers / bubble wrap
  • Contact a cleaning service, if you are using one, to ensure they are available on moving day
  • Organise insurance for your new property
  • Schedule disconnection of utilities
    • Electricity / Gas
    • Internet / Phone
    • Foxtel / Cable
  • Pack items logically, marking boxes as you go
  • Take movers / helpers through the house to inform them of what to do – also make sure they know what to do at the other property when they arrive
  • Carry all important items with you (passports, cash, other important documents, etc)
  • Complete one last check of the old property to ensure nothing has been left behind
  • Lock the windows, doors and turn off the lights
  • Return keys to agent
  • At your new property begin unpacking – start with beds then kitchen/bathroom and other essentials
  • Make sure all connection of utilities at new home are functioning
    • Electricity / Gas
    • Internet / Phone
    • Foxtel / Cable

Change of Address Checklist

Company NameAccount NumberReference NumberContact NumberDone
Home Insurance
Car Insurance
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Electoral Roll
Mail Redirection
Schools / Universities
Newspaper Redirection
Mobile phone
Pet registration
Canberra Connect
Online Shopping Accounts
Lawyer (if applicable)
Centrelink (if applicable)

Emergency Repairs

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Recycling & Garbage Collection Calendar

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Asbestos Advice

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The Rental Book

The Renting Book is a guide to rental laws in the ACT. It is primarily written for tenants, to explain their legal rights and responsibilities.

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General Tenant Information

Verify accuracy of all particulars.

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm


Our Preferred Methods of Contact

Is the most effective contact method to utilise, where possible please make this option your first choice. Your Property Manager’s direct email address appears on the business card provided.

To see your Property Manager in person please contact us to book a mutually agreeable time. The nature of our role regularly takes us out of the office and by making an appointment we can ensure we allocate a suitable time to meet with you.

If you don’t have email for communication, please phone 02 6162 0681.


Other Information

Please complete, sign and return to our office within 14 days of the tenancy commencing date; as required by the Residential Tenancy Act 1997.

Your payment system brochure is provided in your pack

Please see your emergency repairs list and follow the instructions provided

As per the Maintenance Policy all general repairs and maintenance must be forwarded to our office in writing so we are able to act accordingly. Provide as much information as possible of the repairs required.

The Property is inspected by our office twice a year.
You will be notified by email a minimum of 7 days prior to the appointment.

Locked out?
Office hours – If they are available you can borrow our office set, however they must be returned within the hour. Delays may require the changing of the locks at your cost.
After hours or lost keys – please contact a locksmith at your cost.

21 days notice in writing is required if you intend to vacate on the lease expiry date or after that date.

We advise all Tenants to ensure they have their own contents and public liability insurance, as they are not covered under the owner’s policies

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