Understanding Strata Repairs and Maintenance in NSW

When living in a strata-titled property, it is important that you understand your rights, obligations, and who is responsible for strata repairs and maintenance. Regardless of whether you live in a brand new complex or an older apartment block, repairs and maintenance are a necessary part of life. Being part of an owner’s corporation can provide particular challenges around the upkeep of a property that you may not experience when owning single dwellings.


Who is Responsible for Strata Repairs and Maintenance?

When living in a strata scheme, there may be confusion over where the responsibility lies for the repairs – whether it’s up to the lot owner or the Owners Corporation. The responsibility for repairs in a strata scheme in NSW is generally divided into two categories:


Common Property Repairs

Common property is the shared areas within a strata scheme, such as hallways, elevators, common gardens, and building exteriors. The owners corporation is made up of all the individual property owners within the strata scheme and is responsible for maintaining and repairing common property. The owners corporation may engage strata managers to help oversee the maintenance and repairs of common property and facilitate decision-making.


Individual Lot Repairs

Individual lot owners are responsible for maintaining and repairing their own lot, which typically includes everything within the four walls of their unit or apartment. This includes fixtures, fittings, and any improvements made to the lot.


It’s important to review the specific by-laws of your strata scheme, as they can vary from one strata scheme to another. By-laws may outline additional responsibilities or requirements related to repairs and maintenance. 


Organising Common Property Repairs

As part of the owners corporation, if you see common property areas that may need repairs and maintenance, you have the option to inform either your strata manager or a member of the executive committee. If you decide to inform your strata manager, they will liaise with the executive committee to facilitate any repairs or maintenance to be carried out.


What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance means proactively taking care of the building and its common areas to prevent problems and costly repairs. It involves regular inspections, scheduled upkeep, and budget planning. Residents should be informed about their role in reporting issues, and long-term planning is crucial to prepare for big expenses. The goal is to save money, maintain property value, and ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for everyone.


Funding for Repairs and Maintenance

Funding for strata repairs and maintenance is primarily sourced from strata levies paid by all unit owners. These levies are calculated based on the unit’s lot entitlement and are collected regularly to build a sinking fund. The sinking fund is used to cover both anticipated and unforeseen repair and maintenance expenses.


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