How to get the most out of a spare bedroom

Spare rooms can be tricky to make the most of. Here’s a quick guide to help you really maximise┬áthis space and get it working for you.

It’s always great when you have a place that’s large enough for a spare bedroom. After all, bedrooms are often a big chunk of your total floor space in any home, so it’s worth making the most of every space, especially when there’s always the risk that it becomes a storage area that you get very little value out of.

If you’ve decided to keep your spare bedroom free and aren’t going to get another tenant in to fill it, there’s a few big decisions you’ll have to make.

It may be that you already have furniture – like a second bed or a computer desk to turn it into an office – which might dictate how you approach this space.

Of course, if you have more freedom, it’s worth approaching your spare room with a view to maximise its use. Is another bedroom the best idea when you don’t have people to stay very often? Or do you need a home office if you’re rarely at home anyway?

One guiding principle for any second bedroom is to keep it versatile. If you’re buying a bed, look for one with extra storage underneath so you can make the most of your furniture. The same goes for desks with lots of draws for storage – these are great for a spill-over space from other parts of your home. Mixing and matching these different elements can ensure you’re creating a versatile space that works for you.

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