How to handle a noisy neighbour

Noise can be a problem for many Australian tenants – here’s how to deal with a disruptive neighbour, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

When you’re living in a strata title, or even in Australia’s suburbs, sound pollution is a matter of life. It’s normal to hear some noise from your neighbours, just as you should feel free to make a reasonable amount of noise on your own property. However, there are times when the people next door will be simply too loud, especially if it’s late at night and disturbing your sleep.

The first step to managing the noise from a neighbour is to understand what it is. If it’s a TV on a shared wall, for example, it might be an easy fix to ask them to move it to another wall. Likewise, if it’s an air conditioning unit that’s running constantly, you could ask your neighbour not to run it all night, but to put it on a timer that turns it off after say¬†10 o’clock.

There are some sources of noise that can be harder to manage. Loud parties and music that’s playing into the night are common complaints, but pick your time to speak to them. If you don’t feel comfortable going over at night, wait until the next morning before having a conversation with them, or try to catch them in a communal area if you’re in an apartment block.

Of course, as a last resort you shouldn’t be afraid to call the police. They will be able to take action, especially if it’s a complaint they’re receiving from a number of neighbours in your area.

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