How to Manage a Body Corporate Effectively

The ability to effectively manage a body corporate is crucial in providing a healthy and safe living environment for all Owners and Tenants. Additionally, this is a key factor for comparison when measuring the success of body corporate companies. There are four main components to consider when managing your body corporate effectively and engaging with your body corporate company. They are communication, technologies and systems, teams, and maintenance management.


Body Corporate managers have certain annual requirements in regards to organising meetings and communications with owners and the executive committee. An effective body corporate manager will make themselves known within the complex outside of regular requirements with consistent methods of communication including on-site visits. On-site visits provide both an opportunity to physically inspect the property whilst also having extra face-to-face communication with owners and committee members.

Technologies and Systems

Effective body corporate companies will have the correct technologies readily available for their clients to have the most streamlined and productive client interface experience. Not only should they have all the software available behind-the-scenes to conduct their required  processes and data management, effective body corporate companies should have their own residents portals set up to make communication fast and efficient for Committee Members, Owners and Managing Agents.


Being a successful body corporate management company means that your clients shouldn’t only be relying on their individual manager, but have access to a team of experts who will also be able to service their needs when necessary. The prospect of working with a body corporate company instead of an individual is appealing for clients as this format of management creates the comfort of knowing that if their individual manager is ever unavailable they have the option to engage directly with an expert in management, finance, insurance or maintenance who are familiar with their community and will be able to provide assistance. 

Maintenance Management

Effective body corporate management means ensuring maintenance is organised efficiently and the upkeep of your common property is proactively managed and up to standard. It is vital that a body corporate manager has a proactive and responsive approach to maintenance to ensure the property is correctly maintained and functioning properly. Body Corporate companies use maintenance plans as a tool to avoid short term problems, prevent serious safety hazards, and unnecessary damage to the property in the future.


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