Improve the indoor air quality of your rental with these tips

Dizziness, fatigue, asthma, headaches – these are all effects of poor air quality. While there’s not always a lot we can do to control pollution outdoors, there are quick, easy ways to improve the air quality in our own homes. We explore three.  

1. Purchase indoor plants

Houseplants don’t just look great, they also help purify the air in your home. By taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, indoor plants free the air of toxins.

The leafier the better in terms of oxygenation, but you also want to ensure plants are mess-free and easy to care for. One of our top picks is the aloe vera plant because it doesn’t require much water and can also help soothe a sunburn.

2. Keep everything super clean

Dust mites, allergens and mould can all hurt indoor air quality, so be sure to clean your home thoroughly.

For optimal air quality, go beyond aesthetics and deep clean commonly overlooked areas in your rental such as your walls and curtains or blinds.

3. But avoid certain cleaning products! 

While you want to ensure your home is tidy, you also need to be careful about the products you’re using.

That’s because many cleaning supplies include harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic gases associated with many serious health concerns.

VOCs are commonly found in:

  • Odour sprays,
  • Degreasers,
  • Pine oil products,
  • Spot removers,
  • Fabric and leather cleaners.

To avoid bringing them into your home, make sure you read the label on the cleaning products you use.

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