Is Strata Living Right for You?

Do you hate the thought of finally sitting down on the weekend and realising you need to mow the lawn? Or clean the pool? Or both?!

Well, if you lived in a strata complex, this would have been done for you!

If you like the idea of living comfortably with minimal maintenance, then Strata living could be right for you. 

The key things to think about when considering Strata living instead of a stand alone house would include; 



Whether this is your first time living out of your family home, your first family home, your home to retire in or anything in between, you have to consider how much space you need. 


Outright costs

An apartment or townhouse can be a much more affordable option rather than a stand alone house. 



Levies are fees which are charged to each unit, the levies are normally charged quarterly and include things like, Building Insurance, Gardening, Strata Management fees, Water bills, General repairs and maintenance plus much more depending on the size of building you live in and what shared amenities it has. 



One of the best things about living in a Strata Complex is the lack of maintenance you, as an owner, need to undertake. 


Rules within a Strata Complex

Under the Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011 there are set out default rules, which all owners within a Strata Complex must abide by. Owners Corporations may also add extra rules, if passed at a General Meeting.

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