How to make a small apartment seem bigger

Many renters are in the market for small apartments, but no one wants to live somewhere that feels cramped and crowded. To this end, be sure to do everything you can to make your investment look spacious – even if it’s not.

Are you struggling to rent out a small apartment? This may be because you haven’t done enough to enhance the space.

Not everyone is looking for a big apartment – in fact, many downsizers prefer tinier units. That said, if your investment looks uncomfortably small, you’ll struggle to fill it.

Fortunately, there are ways to open up any room. Here are three tips:

Brighten things up

A dark home will look even smaller than it is, so let in as much light as possible.

Start by removing thick, vertical blinds and dimming light features. Be sure to use soft, light colours wherever you can – you’d be amazed what a cream coloured rug or pastel couch can do for a room.

Hang mirrors on the wall

Have you ever thought a restaurant or shop was double its size due to wall mirrors? Well, you can have the same effect in your investment property by decorating with mirrors.

If you don’t want to hang mirrors on the walls, you can have a similar effect with metallic paints like gold or silver.

Get creative with storage space

Many prospective tenants will worry about storage space in a small apartment, so put their minds at ease by installing floating shelves and other creative solutions.

Build boxes and shelves on the backs of doors and cabinets and be sure to point out these features when you show the home.

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