Tips for a painless move

Moving out of your rental place can be an exciting time – maybe you’re upgrading to a bigger flat or even getting your foot on the property ladder.

The process can also be stressful, however, particularly if you haven’t prepared adequately. While packing your things is important, the most critical part of moving out of a rental property is making sure your Property Manager is well informed.

What you need to communicate to your Property Manager

Once you decide to end your tenancy, notify your Property Manager in writing. If you speak on the phone or in person, you must still provide your notice (minimum 3 weeks) via a letter or email.

This correspondence must include the date of your move, and also make arrangements for things like final inspections and exchanging keys. The Civium Property Management team, on behalf of the landlord, will obviously need to fill your unit once you’ve moved out as well, so you might also need to find a time for them to show the property.

If any utilities are in your name, make sure you disconnect them  (disconnection date must be after your final inspection) so you aren’t charged after you’ve moved out. Your Property Manager will be able to help you with this if you have questions.

You’ll be expected to return the property in substantially the same condition you found it, so make sure you’re proactive about cleaning throughout the move, so you aren’t charged for things you could have done on your own.  That being said if you wish to use an end of lease cleaning service, contact your Property Manager for suggestions.

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